90 Feet at a Time

July 7, 2019
Listen to Rev. Mark Eldred's "all-star" message of how we share in the glory of gathering together as one team under the guidance of God!
Hear Rev. Dr. Kenneth Chalker's message on how spiritual challenges transcend the test of time and how walking in the way of love, purpose, power, and passion can sometimes be…
What does it mean when we invoke the “peace of God be upon you?” Rev. Dr. Kenneth Chalker's uplifting Sunday message addresses these questions and more in a time of…

Old World, New Vision

June 16, 2019
In this inspiring message, Dr. Mark Giuliano explores just what the apostle Paul meant when he prayed that we might journey in faith through the “eyes of our heart enlightened”.
"Tradition is the handing on of the flame, not the worshiping of the ashes," said the great Austrian composer Gustav Mahler. People of the Christian faith know this better than…

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