The Gallery at Old Stone

Define Me – In a 1000 words or more”

August 18, 2014 through November, 2014
Monday through Friday • 9am – 4pm

by Stacy GibboniThe Gallery welcomes back Italian/American artist Stacy Gibboni with her installation called “Define Me – In a 1000 words or more.”  Come and remember the power of words through this visual exploration.

The Gallery at Old Stone installation consists of 1,470 oil pastels on archival paper selected from the 5,000 images which make up the “Define Me” project.  This is the second installation for Stacy Gibboni (Venice, Italy) in the Gallery at Old Stone. Her hope is that this “work will slow you down for a moment. That you will be inspired to reflect upon the colors and words on the wall. That you will allow free association to wash over you. That perhaps you will recall a lost word or be introduced to a new one. Be a reminder, dear viewer, of the power and value of the words we use.”

–Stacy Gibboni in the studio – Venice, Italy – July 2014

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The Gallery at Old Stone is located in the Old Stone Church on Public Square and can be accessed through the side entrance at 1380 Ontario Street.