The Gallery at Old Stone

CLEVELAND: a city, its waters”Photo by Marcello Mellino

March 30, 2014 through June 2, 2014
Monday through Friday • 9am – 4pm

Gallery at Old Stone is thrilled about its current show. “CLEVELAND: a city, its waters” is a photo exhibit by Marcello Mellino, a self-taught photographer born in Italy who currently resides in Cleveland.

“A city, its waters” celebrates Cleveland, our city, in its symbiotic relation to the lake and the many rivers running throughout; water is, in fact, the very reason for Cleveland being Cleveland, as the earlier settlers discovered centuries ago. As I wander around, the unusual and the often not recorded views, are the ones I feel most attracted to and wish to capture, a testament to the long-standing industrial and urban traditions visible in this reality. As we perhaps approach a new Renaissance, I hope we will be able to continue to appreciate and celebrate the splendor surrounding us with simple, natural renewals, truly a blessing for the mind and the soul.” – Marcello Mellino

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The Gallery at Old Stone is located in the Old Stone Church on Public Square and can be accessed through the side entrance at 1380 Ontario Street.