Music at Old Stone Church

Old Stone’s Music Ministry

Old Stone Choir is known for a long-standing tradition of fine choral music. Old Stone Choir is a blend of professional singers and congregational volunteers. Our Director of Music & Musical Arts provides special music for all services during the year. The choir leads in worship each Sunday, and also presents special concerts and Services of Music throughout the year. The choir participates in the lighting of Public Square on Thanksgiving weekend. During the Christmas and Easter Seasons, the choir presents special cantatas, oratorios and major choral works to complement the holiday music throughout the season.

Adult Choir (September – May): Rehearses twice a month on Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm and at 9 am on Sunday mornings. Auditions are scheduled for new members wishing to join the choir.

Guitar, congas and other instruments

Old Stone’s senior pastor often brings his guitar to worship to teach the children a new song or engage us all in a moving, contemporary piece. Occasionally guest musicians bring a special accent to worship with congas or other instruments.

Congregational Singing

Old Stone members and friends love to sing. Our worship music tends to be a blend of traditional and contemporary sacred hymns.

 Old Stone organOrgan

Old Stone’s organ was built by Cleveland’s world-famous Holtkamp Organ Company and installed in 1977. The instrument employs mechanical action, and has three manuals, forty-two stops, and two enclosed divisions. The ornate casework around the organ dates back to an 1895 organ built by William A. Johnson.

Music Videos

“This Is the Place (This is the Time),” written & performed by
Dr. Mark Giuliano; video created by Abraham Augustus

The Old Stone Choir performing
Kendal Gunlicks’ “Help Me See the Light”
“Shoulder to Shoulder”
written & performed by
Dr. Mark Giuliano
The Old Stone Choir performing
“Come, Christians, Join to Sing,” arranged by Dan Bird
“Shoulder to Shoulder” performed live on 9/11/11“Light of the Stable” (Winterfest 2009)