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Give us 2 minutes; we’ll give you tools for life!

Old Stone Church has expanded its ministry throughout Greater Cleveland with a two-minute inspirational show called Power2ools: 2 Minute Tools for Life. Each episode of Power2ools is hosted by the show’s creator and writer, Dr. Mark Giuliano, pastor of the Old Stone Church. Episodes are professionally produced by director and Old Stone member, Kenny Latimer.

Dr. Giuliano offers helpful guidance on subjects such as the Power of Patience and the Power of Perseverance. Episodes are educational and also quick and entertaining. One episode, the Power of Slowing Down, even has Dr. Giuliano delivering his opening message while riding the 60 mph Scorpion ride at Cleveland’s Puerto Rican fest!

The Power2ools ministry is currently sponsored by AMG Marketing Resources and the Old Stone Church. Future sponsors will be sought out as the show and future print and online resources develop.

The two most important things about Power2ools, says Dr. Giuliano, is that “the show gives Old Stone a platform for taking the gospel to a larger audience: Old Stone Church members will have the opportunity to share the faith of their church through episodes and links with prospective members, and online viewers through all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.” Every episode of Power2ools ends with Giuliano’s, hopefully, soon-to-be-famous sign off: I’m Mark Giuliano, Pastor of the Old Stone Church. Give us 2 minutes and we’ll give you tools for life!

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