Past Gallery Exhibits

Sisters in Art: 10th Anniversary Show
May to July 2018

Founded in 2008 by Elinore Korow and Betty Wolfe, Sisters in Art is a group of Northeast Ohio women on their own artistic journey of exploration and discovery. They hold a variety of viewpoints, so there is no single way of expression; all are valid from classical to contemporary, including objective, non-objective, and abstract. Sisters in Art’s award-winning work spans multiple media (oil, pastel, graphite, etc.) as well as different subject matter, including but not limited to landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and more.


“Unstructured: Pulses of Light and Shadow”
January through April 2018

The Gallery at Stone was proud to host local photographer Barney Taxel with his show “Unstructured: Pulses of Light and Shadow”. An award-winning photographer and artist, Taxel’s work features dramatic takes on organic objects as well as vivid black-and-white studies of movement and light. His clients include Cleveland Magazine, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, the Cleveland International Film Festival, and celebrity chef Michael Symon. Taxel’s photos of Lakeview Cemetery were compiled into a book and published by the University of Akron Press in 2014.


Shooting without Bullets“Shooting without Bullets”
April through July, 2017

Shooting without Bullets is a revolutionary youth advocacy and fine arts education program that focuses on identity development in black teens in Cleveland through expressive arts healing, photography, and open-dialogue. The program assists Cleveland youth to process complex social problems experienced by them, including police encounters, and provides an expressive platform for them to inform and impact criminal and juvenile justice related reform.” –Amanda King, project coordinator.

“What Moses Saw” by Marge Gulley

“Unseen Cleveland”
June 6, 2016 through August 31, 2016

The Cleveland of today and tomorrow, comes from the Cleveland of yesterday.  Drawings by Marge Gulley.

Project: GoldilocksProject: Goldilocks
January 10, 2016 through February 29, 2016

The show’s theme dealt with issues of “home” and was told through the reclamation of chairs, thus the title. Chairs were sold to benefit one of Old Stone’s mission partners, Front Steps Housing and Services (formally THI).

Mrs. Ray V. Crooks, organizer and first teacher of the Henderson ClassHonoring Our Old Stone “Foremothers”
May 11, 2015 through December 31, 2015

Old Stone has a rich history of female leaders in their faith community. This exhibit showed how these women helped to shape the legacy of Old Stone.

184 Poppys, Glass Vase Suite, Charcoal & Pastel 39X31Joy Elaine Praznik/Sweeney”
January 20, 2015 through April 22, 2015

A local artist, Joy Elaine Praznik/Sweeney is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art with majors in painting and ceramics.  Her work is held in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. as well as in many other countries.

Memory Tree“3rd Annual Trees & Wreaths Festival”
December 2, 2014 through December 30, 2014

The Gallery hosted its third annual “Trees and Wreaths” Festival. Beautiful trees and creatively-decorated wreaths adorned the gallery. New this year were wonderful banners made by various members of the congregation. A special “Memory Tree” provided visitors an opportunity to write the name of a loved one who is missed and add it to the many names on the tree.

by Stacy Gibboni“Define Me – In a 1000 words or more”
August 18, 2014 through November, 2014

The Gallery at Old Stone installation consisted of 1,470 oil pastels on archival paper selected from the 5,000 images which make up the “Define Me” project. This was the second installation for Stacy Gibboni (Venice, Italy) in the Gallery at Old Stone. Her hope is that this “work will slow you down for a moment. That you will be inspired to reflect upon the colors and words on the wall. That you will allow free association to wash over you. That perhaps you will recall a lost word or be introduced to a new one. Be a reminder, dear viewer, of the power and value of the words we use.” –Stacy Gibboni in the studio – Venice, Italy – July 2014

Credit: Ted Wetzler/Wetzler Studios, Inc.Ted: A Retrospective on Forty Years of Cleveland Advertising Photography”
June 8, 2014 through August 13, 2014

Ted Wetzler (b. 1935, d. 2013) was a member of Old Stone Church. He was a highly-recognized photographer here in Cleveland. His business, Wetzler Studios, is still in business today, currently being run by his children. His images in advertising, promotional materials, and greeting cards continue to be used at Old Stone.

Photo by Marcello MellinoCLEVELAND: a city, its waters”
March 30, 2014 through June 2, 2014

A photo exhibit by Marcello Mellino, a self-taught photographer born in Italy who currently resides in Cleveland.

“A city, its waters” celebrates Cleveland, our city, in its symbiotic relation to the lake and the many rivers running throughout; water is, in fact, the very reason for Cleveland being Cleveland, as the earlier settlers discovered centuries ago. As I wander around, the unusual and the often not recorded views, are the ones I feel most attracted to and wish to capture, a testament to the long-standing industrial and urban traditions visible in this reality. As we perhaps approach a new Renaissance, I hope we will be able to continue to appreciate and celebrate the splendor surrounding us with simple, natural renewals, truly a blessing for the mind and the soul.” – Marcello Mellino

human-trafficking-exhibit“in your own backyard … images and thoughts on human trafficking”
February 27, 2014 through March 27, 2014

permanent collectionThe Permanent Collection
January 15, 2014 through February 7, 2014

The Permanent Collection consists of various styles of artwork that have been graciously donated to Old Stone Church over the years.

trees and wreaths 2013-1 008Trees & Wreaths Festival
November 30, 2013 through January 8, 2014

The Gallery hosted its second annual “Trees and Wreaths” Festival. Beautiful trees and creatively decorated wreaths adorned the gallery. A special “Memory Tree” provided visitors an opportunity to write the name of a loved one who is missed and add it to the many names on the tree.

mike bruckman

Look Around, Cleveland
October 14, 2013 through November 21, 2013

Mike Bruckman is a Clevelander currently residing on Public Square. “Look Around, Cleveland,” was a photo exhibit highlighting our beautiful city. Bruckman is the current winner of the Scene Magazine Photo Contest and was a contributing artist at the Ingenuity Festival. In addition to his varied styles of artwork, he is also successful in the music industry, recently named one of the best musicians in Cleveland, by Scene Magazine. Mike’s work looks for the contemplative and reflective Cleveland.

by Pamela Dills

by Pamela Dills

Many Ways of Seeing
September 22, 2013 through October 9, 2013

Cleveland-born artist, Pamela Dills teamed up with accomplished Cleveland author, Ruth Fawcett in the show “Many Ways of Seeing.”  Fawcett, besides being an Old Stone member, is the aunt of Dills. Pamela Hardy Dills is a graduate of Kent State University. She pursues art full time, but has also had a long career in Cleveland and Washington, D.C. as a graphic designer, ad agency director, and fashion illustrator. Dills’ art is known for her vivacious painting technique and graphically layering brilliant color upon color. Her work hangs in private collections and galleries in the Unites States and Europe.

Ruth Fawcett is a retired elementary school teacher, principal, and instructor of undergraduate education classes. She studied in Northern England, earning a Ph.D. While there she visited many schools in the process. Fawcett writes about her favorite place to be, a school. She has always been fascinated with the mix of personalities. Fawcett often discusses social issues such as bullying, divorce, poverty and internet predators. She creates fictional characters based on her experiences. Some of her books include Honor in the Heart and Honor Me Honor You.

“Bee-hind” by Carolyn Wilder Rose

“Bee-hind” by Carolyn Wilder Rose

Wilder roads through nature: Father/Daughter/Daughter Art Show and Book Signing
May 19, 2013 through June 24, 2013

Watercolor art, photography, and a brand new novel were the features of this unique art show. The art and photography show featured framed original watercolors painted by retired Lakewood physician, William T. Wilder, M.D., and framed photographic art created by his daughter, Carolyn Wilder Rose, from Avon Lake. Daughter Jennifer Wilder Morgan, from Houston, Texas is a newly-published author of the inspirational novel “Come to the Garden.”

by Tom DennyA Partial Retrospective of Artist Tom Denny
February 4, 2013 through May 15, 2013

Tom Denny began his career in 1966 as an illustrator for Manning Studios, eventually becoming an art director for General Electric until 1983. Currently, he teaches drawing and painting at the Orange Art Center in Pepper Pike. Formerly he taught at Center Gallery in Parma and Cuyahoga Community College. Mr. Denny has always found time to work on his own projects. His jazz pieces have been displayed during the Tri-C Jazz Fest and in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

“Portraits of Homelessness” – A Collection of Photographs and Stories
January 11, 2013 through January, 31 , 2013

“Honoring strength and frailty, brokenness and resilience, hope and sorrow, and indeed potential.”

Christmas Tree

Trees & Wreaths Festival
December 3, 2012 through January 8, 2013

Beautiful trees and creatively decorated wreaths adorned the gallery for the month of December. A special “Memory Tree” provided visitors an opportunity to write the name of a loved one on an ornament and add it to the many names on the tree.

“Streets of Toronto” by Judi Krew

Judi Krew Show
September 15, 2012 through November 24, 2012

An exhibit which featured Canton artist Judi Krew and her two series “Fascinating Faces from Interesting Places” — oversized soft pastel drawings, as well as her sculptural dress line “Hoard Couture.” Judi’s work always tells a story guiding the viewer to perhaps see life a bit differently. Playful and energetic, thoughtful and provocative.

Mike GuyotThe Left Handed Line of Mike Guyot – Architectural Impressionist
June 1, 2012 through August 28, 2012

Mr. Guyot’s work is fresh and lively, visually translating a city and its buildings through freehand pen and ink. Each work has its own voice, telling a tale of the city in which it resides.


March 1, 2012 through May 31, 2012

A photography exhibit which focused on the transformation of lives through the Transitional Housing Inc. (THI) program right here in Cleveland. The exhibit showed the before and after of eight women’s lives represented through photography and short descriptions of their positive metamorphosis.

What’s in Our Attic?Archive Exhibit
January 9, 2012 through February 28, 2012

An exhibit highlighting archival holdings of the Old Stone Church. Explore the rich and varied history of the church on Public Square.

Junkyard Essays

Junkyard Essays
October 13, 2011 through January 3, 2012

International artist Stacy Gibboni brought her “Junkyard Essays” exhibit to the Gallery at Old Stone. Straight from Venice, Italy with its inception in the salvage yards of New Jersey, the “Junkyard Essays” were born from three things: an admiration for the art of the working man, the nature of storytelling in all its forms, and simple curiosity. This project documents a moment, a fleeting shock. The essays are elaborated true stories, once told, often still. 

Photo by Richard HesterDowntown Cleveland Alliance Annual Photo Challenge
September 8, 2011 through October 11, 2011

Amateur photographers celebrate the people, places and things that are truly Cleveland.

Cleveland: A Personal Photographic Journey
May 8, 2011 through August 31, 2011

Renowned Bratenahl photographer Jennie Jones brought her collection of Historic Cleveland Architecture to the gallery. Jennie Jones is a Cleveland treasure, a true icon of vision, an artist not to miss. She is a widely-published photographer, locally and internationally, and highly lauded for her artistic documentary work of the city, its architecture and its ever-changing environment.