Mission of the Month

Each month Old Stone Church designates one mission partner as our focus of the month.
All loose change in the offering plate that month will go toward the selected project.

Mission Focus for February 2017 
The Hunger Network

On Sunday, February 5, the Super Bowl will be played in Houston, Texas. Here at Old Stone, we have a tradition of our own called “Souper Bowl” Sunday. You are invited to bring in a can of chicken noodle soup or a one-dollar donation, and you will be helping the Old Stone food pantry to serve the needy. Loose change in the offering plate this month will help support the Hunger Network.

Food Pantry Item of the Month
peanut butter

On Friday mornings (except the first Friday of the month) from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. Old Stone operates a food pantry. Like other food centers, our demand has been increasing dramatically over the past few months. As unemployment benefits run out, foreclosures and layoffs continue, the demand here will rise. Your donations of food on Sunday help us reach more needy people. Just imagine what we could do if every person who came to worship brought one can of our targeted food once a month. Now think about what could be done if everyone brought one can each Sunday – just one can. That might mean anywhere from 200 to 800 cans of tuna, or peas or spaghetti sauce.