The First Presbyterian Society

Old Stone Church - Photo: L. Stewart 2010The First Presbyterian Society (FPS) was incorporated in the Village of Cleveland, in the County of Cuyahoga, in the year 1827, by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio. There were 28 gentlemen who, along with their associates, constituted the Society at that time.

The 187th Annual Meeting of the First Presbyterian Society in Cleveland was held on April 7, 2014. An annual meeting of the Society has been held on the first Monday in April each year since 1827.

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body of the FPS. The eleven Directors, who are elected from the FPS membership, meet once a month.

FPS was formed to manage the finances and real estate of the church. Its original purpose was to promote religion, hire and support a preacher, hold and manage funds and serve as a legal entity which could deal with real estate and be a presence in court.

In recent times, the First Presbyterian Society has focused on the following programs:

  • Planning for a continuing building maintenance program
  • Planning and managing arrangements for the use of the church’s facilities
  • Managing our endowments and financial assets
  • Working with Session in preparing budgets
  • Initiating a deferred/planned giving program
  • Developing a Rainy Day Fund
  • Obtaining an attractive long-term answer to our parking needs
  • Nurturing the development of The Old Stone Education Center

The Capital Assets Millennium (CAM) Committee is charged with the preservation and improvement
of the physical assets which include our two properties; the Sanctuary and the Old Stone Center.
Some of the recent projects included:

  • Completing restoration and cleaning of the La Farge and Tiffany stained glass windows.
  • Enhancing the lighting in the Chancel area
  • Updating and installing new equipment in the kitchen
  • Installing new boiler system
  • Organizing and appropriately storing and cataloging archives
  • Installing new roof on the Old Stone Center

Through God’s blessing, the First Presbyterian Society will continue to support the Old Stone Church through diligent oversight of its real and fiscal property needs.

The current President of the First Presbyterian Society’s Board of Directors is Gary Hack.