Old Stone Church Staff

Office Hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. During office hours visitors are welcome to enter through the Ontario door to visit the Sanctuary or Chapel for silent reflection and prayer.

Open Doors: The Sanctuary doors are open 11am – 3pm Monday through Friday. Groups of 10 or more people should call the church at 216-241-6145 to schedule their visit. Docents are available for guided tours.

Listed Alphabetically:

Jessica Atwood
Administrative Assistant/Wedding Administrator
Marriage Preparation Program, church calendar 
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 119
email: jessica@oldstonechurch.org

Rev. Dr. Robert J. Campbell
Parish Associate
Phone: 216-241-6145

JR Fralick
Director of Music
Choir director
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 120

Beth Giuliano
Director of Operations
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 123
email: beth@oldstonechurch.org

Rev. Dr. R. Mark Giuliano
Senior Pastor
Worship & preaching, head of staff, moderator of Session
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 114
email: Office of the Senior Pastor
blog: www.faithconnexions.com
twitter: @mark_giuliano

Sara Gresh
Financial Administrator
Accounts payable, contributions, pledges
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 127
email: sara@oldstonechurch.org


Carrie Lang
Senior Administrative Assistant
Assistant to Senior Pastor, worship bulletins, Session records
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 114
email: carrie@oldstonechurch.org

Jason Lorenzon
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 120 

Craig Mack
Front desk greeter/phones
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 110
email: craig@oldstonechurch.org

Rev. Donald C. Oglesby
Parish Associate
Home & hospital visitation
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 113

Frank Schwartz
Properties Manager
Room rental, event set-up
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 112
email: frank@oldstonechurch.org

Leslie Stewart
Director of Communication
Advertising/promotion, Chimes newsletter, weekly Rolling Stone, website, social media
Phone: 216-241-6145 ext 125
email: leslie@oldstonechurch.org