Old Stone Church Staff

Office Hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. During office hours visitors are welcome to enter through the Ontario door to visit the Sanctuary or Chapel for silent reflection and prayer.

Open Doors: The Sanctuary doors are open 11am – 3pm Monday through Friday. Groups of 10 or more people should call the church at 216-241-6145 to schedule their visit.

Listed Alphabetically:

Mark James EldredRev. Mark James Eldred
Associate Pastor
216-241-6145 ext 116
calculatorFinancial Administrator
216-241-6145 ext 127
Liz Fox
Marketing Manager
216-241-6145 ext 114
Beth GiulianoBeth Giuliano
Director of Operations and Faith Formation
216-241-6145 ext 119

Dr. Mark GiulianoRev. Dr. R. Mark Giuliano
Senior Pastor/Head of Staff

Dr. Mark Giuliano
Ashley Herhuth
Administrative Assistant
Jim KunselmanJim Kunselman
Maintenance Assistant
Kenny LatimerKenny Latimer
Audio/visual ministries
Todd SalviTodd Salvi
Audio Technician
Frank SchwartzFrank Schwartz
Properties Manager
216-241-6145 ext 112

Rev. Dr. Charles YoostRev. Dr. Charles D. Yoost
Associate for Care
216-241-6145 ext 113

Nursery Staff

Loracell HempsteadLoracell Hempstead
Nursery Attendant
Valorie HempsteadValorie Hempstead
Nursery Attendant
  building blocksZina Hempstead
Nursery Attendant

Wedding Support

wedding ringsElizabeth Harris
Wedding Assistant
  Helen WetzlerHelen Wetzler
Wedding Assistant

Volunteer Office Staff

Joe GeraciJoe Geraci
Front office reception
Darlene MooreDarlene Moore-Gosselin

Food pantry and front office reception
Mark PichlerMark Pichler
Sermon display boards, Open Doors program
  Michael RekoricMichael Rekoric
Administrative assistance and food pantry
Dianne YoungDianne Young
Wedding/baptism archive records